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Plant Genome Analysis

RRP $475.99

Plant Genome Analysis presents outstanding analyses of technologies, as well as explanations of molecular technology as it pertains to agriculture. Advances in genome analysis, including DNA amplification (DAF and RAPD) markers, RFLPs, and microsatellites are reviewed by accomplished scientists, many of whom are the developers of the technique. Articles by patent lawyers experienced in plant biotechnology present the legal viewpoint.
Chapters focus on special elements of genome analysis, such as the:
use of antisense technology
investigation of telomeres
production of plant YACs
importance of cell cycle genes in plants.
Other chapters focus on specialized topics of genome analysis. These include a description of antisense technology in the study of photosynthesis and a comprehensive review of the characterization and isolation of plant telomere, including their use in varietal discrimination. A detailed anaysis of cytoplasmic male sterility in the french bean that focuses on the mitochondrial genome is described. The book provides a chapter on the production of yeast artificial chromosomes (YACs) carrying soybean DNA. Genes of the cell cycle in plants and their importance in developmental processes are presented, as well as detailed chapters on the molecular mapping of trees (apples and pines), and nodulation-related genes in legumes. A comprehensive index and a complete glossary are included.

Molecular And Cell Biology Of The Plant Cell Cycle

RRP $354.99

Considerable advances have been made in our understanding of the eukaryotic cell cycle at the molecular level over the past two decades or so, particularly in yeast and in animal systems. However, only in the past three or four years has progress been made in plants at the molecular level. The present volume brings together molecular biologists, cell biologists and physiologists to discuss this recent progress and how it relates to our understanding of the regulation of plant growth and development. The opening paper summarises the progress which has been made with fission yeast. Subsequent papers explore what is known about cell cycle control at the molecular level in plants, and about cell cycle regulation in specific physiological systems, ending with summary papers on cell division in roots and shoots. The book comprises up-to-date findings on a fundamental aspect of plant growth and development, and as such will be of particular interest to advanced undergraduates, postgraduates and research scientists in the fields of molecular biology, cell biology and physiology.

Estate Planning Checklists For Clients

RRP $15.99

Most of us avoid estate planning, which in plain English means getting our affairs in order, until we face a life-changing event such as: The birth or adoption of a child; the diagnosis of an illness that threatens disability or death; a family member or close friend dies unexpectedly; a new marriage with one or both spouses having children from a previous marriage. And sometimes it's just because we're about to take a trip. I congratulate you because you've decided to take action rather than wait for a crisis or emergency. If you've made an appointment with an estate planning attorney or are about to make that appointment, this book will help you get the estate plan that meets your needs and objectives, not your attorney's needs and objectives. How do I know, because I've been an estate planning and probate attorney for 30 years. This book does NOT include fill-in-the-blank Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney or Guardianship forms. If you want a do-it-yourself estate plan this is not the book for you. In 30 years as an estate planning and probate attorney, I've seen only heartache and regret from the use of do-it-yourself legal forms. It almost always turns out to be the proverbial penny-wise and pound-foolish. My objective is to guide you, the Client, to an excellent Client experience and the estate plan that's best for you.

Stem Cells And Their Potential For Clinical Application

RRP $766.99

The NATO-ASI conference Stem Cells and Their Potential for Clinical Application featured cutting-edge presentations ranging from laboratory research findings to the latest therapeutic applications. This book features contributions from many of the leading international scientists from North America and Western and Eastern Europe who participated in this conference. Articles cover a broad range of hot topics in stem cell and leukemia research.


RRP $19.99

"What can anyone do? Is this a hopeless situation? Hoping for dreams that may never come true?"

Dana Malloway couldn't be happier. She is married to a wonderful, caring man, and they're expecting their first child together. Even though she's experiencing the pangs of fear and anticipation, Dana knows that this child will complete her life in every way possible.

But during her pregnancy, Dana receives the shattering news that her baby's heart valve hasn't fully developed. After Dana's baby is born, the child must have a heart transplant in order to survive. The procedure carries risks, but Dana knows that she can make no other choice: she must save her baby's life.

Drawing on an inner strength she didn't know she possessed, Dana fights for her daughter's life. Stress, heartache, and grief threaten to overwhelm her and her family, but Dana perseveres. While others give up hope, Dana refuses to submit to despair, even when all seems lost. What follows is a heartrending story of sacrifice and hope and the incredible bond between mother and child.


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