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Spatial Planning Systems Of Britain And France

RRP $302.99

Spatial Planning Systems of Britain and France brings together a wide selection of comparative essays to highlight the fundamental similarities and differences between the spatial planning in Great Britain and France: two countries that are near neighbours and yet have developed very different modes of planning in terms of their structure, practical application and underlying philosophies.

Drawing on the outcomes of the Franco-British Planning Study Group and with a foreword by Vincent Renard of the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, the book offers a comparative investigation of the basic contexts for planning in both countries, including its administrative, economic, financial and legal implications, and then move on to illustrate themes such as urban policy and transport planning through detailed analysis and case studies.

From these investigations the book brings together planning concepts from both a national and European perspective, looking particularly at two current issues: the effects of urban growth on small market towns and the use of Public-Private partnerships to implement development projects.

Spatial Planning Systems of Britain and France will prove invaluable to policy makers and practitioners in both countries at a time when national policy is beginning to look towards practice in other countries.

The book is published simultaneously in English and French opening up a wider debate between the English-speaking and francophone worlds.

A Teaching Plan Of Grammar

RRP $16.99

From the PREFACE.
The teaching of English is the most complex, the most difficult, and the most important work of the elementary school teacher. It includes reading, word study, phonetics, composition, and grammar. Each of these is a good-sized job by itself; and the possible combinations of them and the methods of teaching them are almost infinite. We have a deluge of "language" books for the use of pupils, every page of which is usually a medley of the various elements named above. It is the kind of correlation which results in a superficial impression and a confused notion of what is learned. As we ascend in the grades the various subjects and parts of subjects should be isolated for thoroughness of drill and clearness of conception. Departmental teaching is a device which automatically accomplishes such isolation. As the pupil gets older he himself is able to perceive the interrelations of knowledge, so that it is no longer necessary for the teacher to make all the connections.
For these reasons there comes a time, beginning in the fifth or sixth grade, when grammar should be taught as grammar, reading as reading, and composition as composition. Each of these should be graded into steps, easy at first, and proceeding gradually to the more difficult until the entire science or art is mastered. During the whole process the relations of grammar, reading, and composition should be pointed out, so that each is seen in the light of the others and each is illustrated by the others. But the correlation should no longer be so complete that the subjects lose their individuality. By the time a pupil reaches the eighth grade he should have a systematic knowledge of grammar as such, composition as such, and literature as such....

Pig Has A Plan

RRP $13.99

Poor Pig! He just wants to take a nap, but his barnyard pals are making a terrible racket. Cow gabs on her cell phone, Cat pops balloons, and Hen saws. Pig hatches a plan to block all the noise. In a surprise ending, Pig learns that his friends have been planning a birthday party just for him. So much for napping! Hilarious illustrations, a fun story line, and an easily decodable text make for a real treat for new readers.

Dad's Phone

RRP $12.99

"Dad's lost his phone - ??the whole family joins in to look for it , Where will they find it? Text type: Narrative - Realistic fiction

Wedding Planning

RRP $14.12

Wedding Planning Planning a Wedding for Your Perfect Wedding Night Are you engaged to be married? Before you take another step, read through this Wedding Planning: The Guide to Planning a Wedding From Wedding Organizer to Wedding Night. This book has all the basic steps you need to take to pull off a nice wedding, reception and to prepare for the honeymoon. This wedding planning guide offers a sort of book length wedding planning checklist, as each chapter details the steps you need to take. Making the wedding plans go off without a hitch requires a carefully orchestrated map, which you will find in the chapters within this book. You will gain wedding planning tips and wedding planning advice to help you take each step. There are 28 chapters plus an introduction full of wedding planning ideas within this book. You can use as a starting point for each phase of the implementation to creating the perfect wedding and reception.


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