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Until recently, scholars assumed that women stopped speaking after they won the vote in 1920 and did not reenter political life until the second wave of feminism began in the 1960s. Nothing could be further from the truth. While national attention did dissipate after 1920, women did not retreat from political and civic life. Rather, after winning the vote, women's public activism shifted from a single-issue agenda to the myriad social problems and public issues that faced the nation. As such, women began to take their place in the public square as political actors in their own rights rather than strictly campaigning for a women's issue. This anthology documents women's activism during this period by introducing heretofore unpublished public speeches that address a wide array of debated topics including child labor, international relations, nuclear disarmament, consumerism, feminism and anti-feminism, social welfare, family life, war, and the environment. Some speeches were delivered in legislative forums, others at schools, churches, business meetings, and media events; still others before national political organizations. To ensure diversity, the volume features speakers of different ages, races, classes, ethnicities, geographic regions, and political persuasions. The volume editors include short biographical introductions as well as historical context for each selection.


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Haunting illustrations by an exciting new talent make this an instant classic.

No flowers. No plants. No sunshine. When Hades carries Persephone down to the Underworld, her mother curses the Earth and everything stops growing. It is winter all year round. Persephone must return to Earth - but how can Spring return where Winter reigns? Sally Pomme Clayton s dramatic storytelling and Virginia Lee s haunting illustrations transform one of the world s oldest myths into a classic picturebook.

About the Author

Sally Pomme Clayton is an acclaimed storyteller. She co-founded The Company of Storytellers with Ben Haggarty and Hugh Lupton, spearheading the revival of storytelling in the UK. She tours throughout Britain, often performing at the British Museum, the Barbican, and the National Gallery. She was Royal Literary Fellow at the University of Westminster and City and Guilds of London Art School. She currently teaches at Rose Bruford College. Her first book for Frances Lincoln was Tales Told in Tents, followed by Amazons!, Rama and Sita: Path of Flames and Greek Myths.

About the Illustrator

Virginia Lee is the daughter of the artist and film conceptual designer Alan Lee. She studied Art and Design at Exeter College and Illustration at Kingston University. She worked as a sculptor on the Minas Tirith set of Peter Jackson s film trilogy The Lord of the Rings in New Zealand and designed merchandise for the films. She lives in Brighton, East Sussex. Her other title for Frances Lincoln is Antonia Barber s retelling of The Frog Bride.

Smartphone Utopia

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Is your smartphone making you SUCCESSFUL? Are you getting your MONEY'S WORTH out of that expensive piece of technology?Smartphone Utopia is a brilliant fiction story that will change the way you use your mobile device. Few people are fully aware of how powerful the tool they carry around in their pocket really is. Yet, if they learned to put that technology to work for them, it would drastically improve their life. Beyond communication and social media, a smartphone is a supercomputer that can be used to free your mind from stress, allow you to focus on the moment, and help you to achieve your dreams. This book is intended to be an inspiration to the mobile generation-an encouragement to use technology to create a more fruitful life instead of letting it distract us from living. Above all, the goal of Smartphone Utopia is to provide a great story.Reviewer Quote:"An inspiring blend of head and heart--weaving solid advice and technology tips into an engaging storyline that guides readers on an adventure while imparting core life strategies on simplifying and meeting personal, financial and career goals." --Julie Fuerst, Education CoordinatorAlso included in the back of the book is a 24 page investment strategy that uses both stock and options (the strategy can be purchased separately in the eBook "Investing Utopia"). This strategy is considered "mobile friendly" because it is easy to use your smartphone to monitor and trade your investments when the strategy requires it.

Please Stop, Sara! Pink A Band

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Cambridge Reading Adventures is a ground-breaking Primary guided reading series which offers a great variety of engaging texts with international appeal. The series has been created by Cambridge University Press in collaboration with the UCL Institute of Education's International Literacy Centre. Each book is placed into reading bands, providing a gradient of challenge which helps accelerate learning to read. Teacher's notes are provided inside every book with full guidance to get the most out of every reading session.

Dad's Phone

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"Dad's lost his phone - ??the whole family joins in to look for it , Where will they find it? Text type: Narrative - Realistic fiction


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