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A Dictionary Of Phonetics And Phonology

RRP $503.99

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Written for students of linguistics, applied linguistics and speech therapy, this dictionary covers over 2,000 terms in phonetics and phonology. In addition to providing a comprehensive, yet concise, guide to an enormous number of individual terms, it also includes an explanation of the most important theoretical approaches to phonology. Its usefulness as a reference tool is further enhanced by the inclusion of pronunciations, notational devices and symbols, earliest sources of terms, suggestions for further reading, and advice with regard to usage.
The wide range of topics explained include:
* Classical phonology, including American Structuralism and the Prague School
* Contemporary approaches, including Autosegmental Phonology, Metrical Phonology, Dependency Phonology, Government Phonology and Lexical Phonology
* Prosodic ideas in phonology, both traditional and contemporary ^ * * historical phonology
* Intonation and tonology
This dictionary devotes space to the various theoretical approaches in proportion to their importance, but it concentrates most heavily on non-theory-bound descriptive terminology. It will remain a definitive reference for years to come.

A Beginner's Guide To Iphone 6 And Iphone 6 Plus

RRP $18.99

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The latest iPhone models were released on September 19th in the United States and the United Kingdom, and according to Apple, are the "biggest advancements in iPhone history." It's a clever play on words, as the new models both sport much larger screens than the iPhones of yesteryear. Whereas the iPhone 4S and below had a meager 3.5 inch screen (considered generous at the time), the iPhone 5, 5S and 5C were stretched out to 4 inches. Faced with stiff competition from Android flagships that have long featured big screens, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are Apple's authoritative answer to the growing number of iOS fans restlessly awaiting their own big phones. The new phones are powered behind the scenes by Apple's latest software release, iOS 8, which also brings many features and changes with it.This guide is designed to walk you through the most important parts of the phone, from the basics and learning how to navigate through the phone, to more advanced features like setting up email accounts and understanding what the cloud really is. Towards the end, a list of the 20 top paid and free applications will be available to add many different functionalities to your phone once you are comfortable enough with it.


RRP $16.99

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Haunting illustrations by an exciting new talent make this an instant classic.

No flowers. No plants. No sunshine. When Hades carries Persephone down to the Underworld, her mother curses the Earth and everything stops growing. It is winter all year round. Persephone must return to Earth - but how can Spring return where Winter reigns? Sally Pomme Clayton s dramatic storytelling and Virginia Lee s haunting illustrations transform one of the world s oldest myths into a classic picturebook.

About the Author

Sally Pomme Clayton is an acclaimed storyteller. She co-founded The Company of Storytellers with Ben Haggarty and Hugh Lupton, spearheading the revival of storytelling in the UK. She tours throughout Britain, often performing at the British Museum, the Barbican, and the National Gallery. She was Royal Literary Fellow at the University of Westminster and City and Guilds of London Art School. She currently teaches at Rose Bruford College. Her first book for Frances Lincoln was Tales Told in Tents, followed by Amazons!, Rama and Sita: Path of Flames and Greek Myths.

About the Illustrator

Virginia Lee is the daughter of the artist and film conceptual designer Alan Lee. She studied Art and Design at Exeter College and Illustration at Kingston University. She worked as a sculptor on the Minas Tirith set of Peter Jackson s film trilogy The Lord of the Rings in New Zealand and designed merchandise for the films. She lives in Brighton, East Sussex. Her other title for Frances Lincoln is Antonia Barber s retelling of The Frog Bride.


RRP $195.00

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This book places the plays of Aristophanes in their contemporary context, asking what aspects of Greek, and especially Athenian, culture these comedies brought into play for their original audiences. It makes particular use of the structural analysis of Greek rituals and myths to demonstrate how their meanings and functions can be used to interpret the plays. This information is then used to suggest ways in which twentieth-century audiences may read the plays in terms of contemporary literary theories and concerns. This is the first book to apply the techniques of structural anthropology systematically to all the comedies. It does not impose a single interpretative structure on the plays but argues that each play operates with a range of different structures, and that groups of plays use similar structures in different ways. All Greek is translated.

Finding Your Way To Heaven Without A Smartphone

RRP $28.55

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In efforts to understand the human being, our history, and our future, the story takes the reader through three different continents, gleaning cultural well-being and malaise of different races.

The book highlights the common bond between all human races, while exploring reasons for the perceived outer differences our modern world hurtles forward, driven as it is by powerful technological engines of change, characterized by an obsessive and often idolatrous worship of intelligence, ruminative men and women all around the world ponder in the silence of their soul the fate of humanity. In the West, depression, suicide, incomprehensible mass shootings and myriad psychological disorders litter our cultural landscape, while abject poverty ravage developing nations. We have become highly intelligent beings that cannot solve our problems, yet we inhabit a natural world created out of wisdom and much of that wisdom is not reflected in our thoughts and lifestyle .

Modern man's obsession with intelligence and the material world has left him a stranger to spiritual things and wisdom. Consequently, humanity is left vulnerable to inexplicable and undiagnosed suffering. in an attempt to diagnose what ails modern man, this book presents a convincing and thought-provoking argument that we have forgotten who we are, and in so doing, have built a world terribly out of order with our divine nature. By walking the reader through my Nigerian upbringing and subsequent arrival in the West, I reveal some timeless wisdom that I believe can serve as a cure for some of the things that trouble us today. This inimitable book lights a path directing us again to who we truly are. It is a timely and deft clarion call to all of us.


Review from Don Burness, Ph.D., Professor of Literature at Franklin Pierce College
Author of Echoes of the Sunbird and Wanasema

Finding Your Way to Heaven Without a Smartphone is a mixture of autobiography, cultural inquiry and philosophy. Joseph Obidiegwu, an Igbo from Nigeria, has lived on three continents. He has the necessary perspective and wisdom to look at the world's masquerade from different angles. There is no romanticization of traditional African village life, nor is there blind acceptance of the hectic to and fro of modern life on planet Smartphone.

About the Author - Joe Obidiegwu was born in 1967, in the vibrant town of Onitsha, located in southeastern Nigeria. At age seventeen, he left Nigeria for America where he attended Franklin Pierce University, and Virginia Tech for graduate and post-graduate studies respectively. He currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden where he teaches a philosophy based class at a Montessori school

Keywords Inimitable, Interesting, Insightful, Autobiographical, Philosophical, Spiritual, Cultural, Thought-Provoking, Inspiring, Life-Changing


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